A naturopath is a health-care professional who works with nutritional supplements, dietary adjustments, and other natural ways to improve health.

In the State of Maine, one must have a Naturopath Doctor degree (ND) and a naturopath license to practice as a naturopath. Although Dr. Harshman has some interest and skill in that context, he does not have the required ND degree and is not a naturopath.

If you are uninsured, then your cost may be less with one naturopath visit that will educate you on nutritional supplements that you can purchase yourself afterward than with periodic visits to a physician. Also, insured or not, you may be better able to improve your health with nutritional assistance than with only prescription drugs and corrective surgery.

To seek a naturopath in Maine, look here and use these settings on the search engine. Note that most of the results will not be Naturopath Doctors (which you seek,) and I have not in this screen shot confined attention to Maine. Expect the search results to yield about a hundred names including six or seven Naturopaths if you look only in Maine.